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"Mark Stern is one of the most committed, tenacious, creative and intelligent attorneys that I have ever worked with. Throughout his legal career, he has dedicated himself to representing the disenfranchised, the underrepresented, and members of the poor and working classes in a wide variety of cases. Mark has successfully represented employees, tenants and consumers in difficult civil cases and is not afraid to take on cases against big corporations, government agencies and other well-funded defendants. He is always available to provide insightful legal advice to clients and other attorneys. If I had to choose an attorney to represent me in a particularly demanding case, Mark would be at the top of the list!"
-- Jeff Feuer

"I have known Attorney Mark Stern for over thirty years. There is no doubt that Attorney Stern is an extremely intelligent, dedicated and resourceful attorney. He has aggressively advocated on behalf of the oppressed and the underprivileged and he has often achieved outstanding results for his clients."
-- Charles J. DiMare

"Mark is a smart, energetic lawyer committed to both zealous advocacy and building community. I have known him for years through the National Lawyers Guild and other affiliations, and performed contract paralegal work for him briefly in 2007. His ability to run a successful solo practice rests less on his organizational skills than his expertise as a tireless, thoughtful litigator who wins cases and gets the job done. As a colleague and friend, I value most Mark's infectious enthusiasm for pursuing justice while living life to the fullest."
-- Mary Lu Mendonca

"Mark has served on Sugar Law's board for over a year, and during that time I have confirmed what I perceived the very first time we spoke: Mark is extraordinarily bright and quick to absorb both the immediate and long-term implications of all kinds of organizational issues. His commitment to social justice is tremendous, and he brings creative thinking to problem-solving--including fundraising!"
-- Tova Perlmutter

"Mark is passionately dedicated to the interests of his clients, who are typically little guys victimized by institutions and corporations. Mark is an effective advocate who backs up his representation with deep knowledge of the law and of the confusing justice system. I would turn to him first if I or someone I care about had been done wrong."
-- John Schachter

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34 Liberty Avenue | Somerville, MA | 02144 | 617.776.4020